Registration Process
XtraWiFi is a Public Prepaid WiFi Service
  • Public WiFi is like regular WiFi at home or office, except that you pay for the WiFi on your phone/Tablet/laptop.
  • It is simple to connect & use and generally faster than 3G/4G services
  • Open your WiFi settings, select XtraWiFi SSID and start using WiFi service. There is no password set.
  • As soon as you connect for the first time, a captive portal is presented, asking for registration using your mobile phone number.
  • One Time Password (OTP) is sent to your mobile. Once you enter the OTP, the registration is complete.
  • You can then recharge your account either online or at your nearest recharge center.
  • You provide your phone number at recharge center for recharging
  • Pricing starts from Rs. 10 (1GB for 6 hours @ 28 mbps). See our pricing for more details.
XtraWiFi is currently available in some parts in the south Indian city of Hyderabad.
We are expanding our operations to all over the country. Check here for updates periodically to see if your locality is covered.
Registration process is simple.
  • Connect to XtraWiFi hotspot
  • Open captive portal (go to
  • Enter your 10 digit phone number
  • You receive SMS on your phone
  • Enter OTP(One Time Password) and tap register. You will receive complimentary 1 hour service.
For more information visit Registration Process
You can recharge your account online on your captive portal (
you will also find recharge center near you inside XtraWiFi coverage area. Look for a board like this..
No, we do not have clumsy token cards. Those are old school.
Give your phone number. Most of the time, this information is sufficient.
If you have multiple devices registered on same mobile number (e.g. Tab without voice), give your userid presented on captive portal on top right corner
The shopkeeper is trained to identify your userid if you cannot find it.
It is your phone (or tab or laptop). If you change your device, you need to register again.
XtraWiFi forces user to re-verify phone number on your device periodically.
We uniquely identify your device. You need to register again for the new device.
Unfortunately, no. We are working on a process to make this happen.
If you have weak signal, your hotspot is nearby. Try moving 10 to 15 meters towards the hotspot. You should get it.
It is also possible that we install new hotspot to cover your area too.
pretty soon. We are working overtime to make XtraWiFi available in all areas.
Absolutely yes. Our core area of focus is to get XtraWiFi to every village in the country.
Work is in progress. You could ask your cable TV operator to contact us for getting there sooner.
Contact us at
Although we prefer Cable TV operators to partner with, others are welcome too.
Please send an email to We will get in touch with you as early as possible.
Thank you for your support.
You could support XtraWiFi in any of the following ways
  • Become a recharge center in XtraWiFi Coverage area. see home page for details.
  • Ask your Cable TV operator to contact us
  • If you are an entrepreuner & want to do XtraWiFi business contact us
  • You can sponsor XtraWiFi in your village.
Gladly. Visit our implementation gallery
Visit any of our coverage area to check for yourself
Visit our office in Hyderabad. We will be very happy to give you a tour
+91 40 69999959
Follow XtraWiFi on Twitter @direct2phone