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Public WiFI service is a new business model that has taken the Internet market by storm. With the availability of smartphones and other mobile computing devices, delivery of data through Public WiFi is now feasible. With pricing @ Rs. 5 per GB, this is the cheapest and highest speed Internet delivery mechanism. Establishing ground infrastructure is going to be a big business in the days to come.

It is like the Cable TV business in the 90s.

Most of the infrastructure required for implementing Public WiFi is already available in the market by various entities. By establishing proper partnerships, it is possible to quickly occupy this market segment as first movers.

XtraWiFi offers opportunity of revenue sharing with various entities. Various models of revenue sharing available with us.

Following are best suited for going for revenue sharing with XtraWiFi

  • Cable TV operators
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Entrepreneurs

Let us look at opportunities for various in detail.

Cable TV Operators

Cable TV Operators (CTO) are best suited for partnering with XtraWiFi for revenue sharing. CTOs already have ground fiber infrastructure for implementing XtraWiFi faster than others. The advantages of Cable TV operators are

  • Reuse of most of the infrastructure
  • Generate additional revenue in this difficult market
  • Control room already exists with UPS
  • FIber connectivity to every corner exists.
  • Power is already taken from customers for Cable TV operations

There are new challenges faced by the CTOs due to revenue deficit caused by digitization. XtraWiFi revenue share is a tremendous opportunity to fill up the gap.

We have tied up with various investors who can provide resources infrastructure investment in lieu of revenue sharing. We are working with banks also to pre-approve the project for easy approvals for individual case.

In certain cases, XtraWiFi supplies hardware for implementation of Public WiFi, requiring no investment on the part of Cable TV Operators.

XtraWiFi can also take care of Internet bandwidth to CTOs in this model.

Cable TV operators with services in rural areas, small towns are given priority at XtraWiFi

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Internet Service Providers

Most of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) also have requisite basic infrastructure to partner with XtraWiFi for revenue sharing.

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Entrepreneurs can venture into providing Public WiFi services in the area of their choice. People with background in the field of Cable TV, ISP business or strong background in operations are preferred.

Requisite training for running public WiFi is provided by XtraWiFi. Entrepreneurs can visit any of our implementation site to understand the dynamics of the business.

Our account managers would provide cash flow statements and projected balance sheets for typical Public WiFi implementation upon contact.

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If you already have requisite infrastructure like Cable TV operator, you may not need any investment to get into this business and earn additional revenue to get going

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