We take user privacy very seriously and operate in compliance with the international laws and standards set by the internet and telephony communities.

Usage Of Cookies And Javascript

XtraBand uses cookies and JavaScript to facilitate use of special features of our solutions. They are also used to make our solutions fast, secure and user friendly. Because of the possible misuse of their potential to exploit and compromise user privacy and user's system integrity, the usage of cookies and JavaScript is debatable in the internet community. XtraBand does not, in any manner, uses cookies and JavaScript to store or process any user data. XtraBand uses cookies and JavaScript for the sole purpose of making the products faster, better and more secure. XtraBand however is not liable for any loss of data or damage caused by the usage of cookies or JavaScript from any of our products to your data or system.

User Information

We take user privacy seriously. We record user IP address and ask user to provide a phone number for validation when registering with any of our products. This information is only used to safeguard the products from any malicious or unintended use. This information is not shared with any third party without explicit consent from the user. This information is however rendered to the concerned authorities in case an illegal usage of the products is discovered on the part of the user.

No-Spam Policy

XtraBand products may require users to provide contact information (like name and email address). We may use this information to send you important announcements and product updates but will never share the information with any other service provider or any individual or party interested in collecting this information for sending unsolicited advertisements or messages to the user.


XtraBand has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. These measures include secure servers, encrypted data, and other security measures to guarantee the privacy of our users.

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