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We have generated extensive documentation during the process of developing XtraWiFi. In this section, we are presenting to you some of these documents.
Most people think that Public WiFi system is nothing but installing expensive outdoor wireless routers, with servers installed in the backend and have some software running on them that are already available in the market.
We hate to break the bad news, but it is not that simple.
The existing technology is simply not enough for making a Public WiFi system run. The best one could achieve is printed tokens or online payment gateway or web login. If one pretends that it is the Public WiFi people want, it is not our fault. They haven't seen XtraWiFi, a true Public WiFi, yet.
The biggest mistake that people make is think within the box. For example, using RADIUS. It simply is not enough to handle the requirements of a Public WiFi. Neither is hardware from major players like Ubiquiti and Mikrotik suitable.
We require fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of systems and processes. we need to reboot our brain to get that perspective. That is exactly what we do at XtraBand Networks. We created the entire ecosystem to fulfil just one purpose. The best, most inexpensive, easy to deploy, easy to administer Public WiFi System. XtraWiFi is everything that was in our design goals and much more. The ecosystem is so vast that we couldn't possibly put it together in these few pages of documentation.
On Independence day in 2016, we had first successful installation working for public. There was a document prepared on that day. Read “From the Desk of Anil Chandra.”
Another major implementation error would be to sample it in affluent areas. Public WiFi is really for the common man, who doesn't have a post paid mobile plan or wired broadband at home and prefers small recharges. If an affluent area is targeted, results will be disappointing. We have done studies extensively to establish that. We hypothesized and tested our assumptions. Read about the people who are going to lead the next big growth in our country in the “Low Income Group" page.
One of the design criterion for us is "ideal for rural implementation". Simple 3-tier architecture which works in extreme situations taking existing infrastructure (Cable TV) into consideration, is the biggest asset of XtraWiFi.
Our vision of providing inexpensive broadband to everyone perfectly aligns with the "Digital India" mission started by Indian Government. We outline the assistance we can give to achieving this big objective.
We have practically bulldozed through obstacles using innovation to make XtraWiFi a reality. We hope the fruits of our research will guide our country into "that heaven."
Enjoy the documents. You can send feedback to contact@xtrawifi.in

XtraBand Team

Document Index


From The Desk of Anil Chandra

Independence day 2016, message from R&D Head



Registration Process

What to do when in XtraWiFi range?



Low Income group

Most neglected market in broadband industry, read who are they and why we focus on them



Rural Public WiFi

Complete Public WiFi coverage of rural India



Plug and Play Implementation

Power of XtraWiFi is in its simplicity



Billing System

Everything in billing need by Public WiFi. Individual accounts maintained



Govt Support

Support can speedup implementation of XtraWiFi



Free Citizen Services

Government can get their services free on XtraWiFi




WiFi deployments require high-touch, high-density installations. As a result, municipalities could roll out costly but limited networks, at best. --- Eric M. Fraser* (2008)



Hotspot tall claims

If you think you have/know a long range WiFi that covers 2 KMs, read this document



Perfect timing

Heavenly intervention for putting everything together



Revenue sharing

Join the Public WiFi business opportunity



Bulldozing through Innovation

Do you want to know why existing Public WiFi systems are not very successful?

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