Xtraband Networks

Xtraband is a privately held Technology company located in Hyderabad, India. It is focused on development and implementation of networking and embedded solutions for Domestic and Global Markets.
Xtraband's operations are organized into Strategic Business Units so that customer-focus is constantly maintained and commitments are always met. A good work place, a highly motivated work force and a mature management team are some of the credits of Xtraband.
Xtraband Networks has a very clear end-objective: To build a world-class company with a sharp focus on developing innovative products and offer the best product at the lowest price in order to capture a significant market-share through a fast ramp-up model so as to build value for the shareholder. With this end objective in mind, Xtraband has already embarked upon and successfully developed innovative products such as NetOptima, RadFes, and XtraBand.
Xtraband believes that the vision of the company and its ability to realize the vision will depend solely on innovating and bringing technology to the majority. At Xtraband Networks, it is believed that more the technology is used, the more easy, efficient and comfortable it makes life for the user. For a commercial entity, it also results in better bottom lines, wider reach and closer ties with its market. However, this can happen only if technology is used in every sphere of activity. The chief obstacle to this is the price at which technology comes. This could mean the start-up costs, maintenance costs, upgrade costs or the outsourcing costs. If at all times, one must keep an eye on the cost, then the process of deploying technology is hampered, thereby keeping the benefits far from the user. High costs are usually a result of old fashioned manual developmental processes.
Xtraband Networks believes that the only solution is a comprehensive reduction in costs by constantly innovating and commoditizing the technology thus making free, its users from cost-related considerations and concentrate on accruing the benefits flowing out of such usage.
In order to achieve this goal, the proposed strategy is to not only concentrate more on improving existing products & technologies, but also focus on delivering available technology to the end-benefactors in the cheapest, fastest and the best fashion. Going ahead, Xtraband will spearhead the "Innovation Revolution" in the industry and come out with products and solutions that are globally competitive but locally affordable.
Xtraband believes that the software solutions must not only be cost-effective for the near term, but also "future-proof" to changing technologies and standards. It is this philosophy that has been the driving force behind the developments of Xtraband's products.

Strategic business units of Xtraband Networks

XtraWiFi - Prepaid WiFi with roaming

XtraWiFi is a prepaid WiFi service with roaming. Hyderabad operations started in August 2016. This ambitious project aims to make broadband affordable to everyone. Especially people from Low Income Group

xCache2 - P2P / Torrent Caching

xCache2 is a p2p/torrent caching engine aimed at broadband companies to reduce their upstream load by anonymously caching torrent traffic

NetOptima - Pornography filter solutions

NetOptima is world's first statistical pornography filter. Targeted at eliminating pornography menace from networks, Xtraband released Home & Professional editions of NetOptima capable of filtering pornography in single PC to 1000s of computers.

RadFes - World's first web based IDE for embedded systems.

Application development on embedded platforms is simplified by using RadFes IDE. VB like development environment reduces time-to-market & simplifies integration for Mobile Transaction Processing. Xtraband has partnered with Visiontek (Linkwell telesystems (P) Ltd) to develop applications over ePOS 91 transaction terminal.

NetControl - Automatic Bandwidth Management

NetControl is a comprehensive set of software tools and web interface for managing Broadband service. XtraBand helps reduce per-user bandwidth cost and provide professional customer experience and increase revenues. Automatic Bandwidth management, Billing, Sales, Support, Abuse prevention, Network Monitoring and MIS Reporting solutions are provided through XtraBand. Currently in Beta stage.

9Broadband - Broadband Service Provider in Hyderabad

9BRoadband was started to provide much needed revenues for Xtraband while in R&D stage. It helped sustain and establish other strategic business units.

iSmartBilling - Billing solutions for retail

iSmartBilling uses embedded, GSM and web technologies to provide ERP solutions for small retail chains to compete with biggies.

TrackPlus - Comprehensive Satellite Tracking Solutions for Fleet

Where on earth is your fleet? TrackPlus is the answer. Online monitoring, Event tracking, event prediction are intelligent modules in TrackPlus which is in development.
TrackPlus is a web based fleet management system, event based messaging middleware to integrate with ERP systems, Live tracking system with LCD Display, Comprehensive reporting system and OSS System.
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